Note: Yes we are a little late at publishing this review, and yes there is a reason for that. We felt that in order to give this game the justice it deserves we should wait until we have a reached a near end point of the game

There is only really two types of game developers in this world, ones who make games that you will never think of or even play again, and ones who games that you will remember for the rest of your life, and even for the those who life thereafter, Bungie is most certainly one of those.

Bungie first seen real success shortly after it released a small game that a lot of you might know as Halo, a game which evolved into 4 other episodes thereafter, however that led to one small problem for Bungie, the fourth release meant that Bungie lost its contract and Halo was passed over to 343 Industries.

Thankfully Bungie didn’t just give up after that and instead decided to bring us yet another game series called Destiny, set in for a 10 contract with the publisher Activision, Destiny takes a lot from the FPS shooter elements in Halo and builds upon it with new RPG ones.

When you first load up Destiny (after the long install process) you are treated with a scene that we first seen in the introduction trailer for Destiny’s announcement, a curious cube like object is seen to be searching for something in a derelict version of Russia, the character comes closer to the camera and you see that what it was looking for you.

This is the moment that you are first introduced to the chosen character, be it a Hunter, Warlock or a Titan. This interaction process continues as the game begins to show you how to control your new character and how to control other objects around you.

Soon you find a gun and start to see how Bungie plans to use the knowledge they gained from Halo in a new FPS environment. The moment you do this you suddenly see what may be one of your first love moments with Destiny, with fluid moment and the ability to use guns in a style that a lot of you might have grown up knowing from the Halo game series.

As you further progress through Destiny and complete some of its missions you suddenly notice some of the Destiny’s problems. Fitted with specular music, exceptional musicians sleek controls at first Destiny seems like a game that you will surely love.

Destiny old russia

This starts to crack as you complete some of Destiny’s story and missions don’t really meet up with its luring graphics and music, repetition starts to form and as a player you are forced to go through life playing the same old missions over and over again in order to gain levels, loot and materials to upgrade you loot with.

Now this might not be such a problem if there wasn’t such few missions to choose from and such few places to experience them on. These experiences will take place on Earth, Mars, Venus and the Moon, each of which have a variety of story missions, strikes and a singular raid on venus so far. As you complete these missions, strikes and raids you notice even more cracks in Destiny’s story and that is that not only are the missions repetitive, so are the enemies within it, of whom you will only meet a small selection of characters, ranging from a few fallen, some hive, cabal and vex, all of whom will not only repetitively turn up, but they will also spawn in places where you can always expect them, all the time.

Destiny Cabal

Despite all of that you may remember that line we wrote a short time earlier “The moment you do this you suddenly see what may be one of your first love moments with Destiny”. You see even after all this repetitiveness and all this grinding for loot, I still can’t seem to put the damn game down, stricken for a need of even better helmets, arm pieces, leg pieces, chest plates and weapons I constantly find myself redoing all of these missions, and even enjoying my time doing so.

And when the story gets a little too much, I often make my way over to the crucible which is a place where Destiny really starts to show it’s glory. Finally in this place you can get that sniper you worked for days trying to get and take off some heads in gameplay that always feel rewarding, things like the perfect sound of a Fusion Rifle as it is being charged, mixed with awesome controls, excellent collision detection and mechanics that are special to your character re-build this game into what we hoped and dreamed off since it was first announced.

I just wish that Bungie backed this up with a storyline that offered much much more than what we were given. Provided with no full context on what The Traveller is, the darkness is, the vex is, the fallen are etc.

To put it simply Destiny leaves without a boat or paddle and tells you to go and find everything important out for yourself.

That said I reckon and hope that Destiny will only get better as it gets older, much like a fine bottle of whiskey, Destiny will only get fuller and more inspiring as DLC is released, of which there is already two releases planned to the game, and thanks to the 10 year contract that Bungie has signed with Activision, we can expect Destiny to become something which always gets bigger, much bigger than any other console based game before it, I just hope our storage can take it.

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