Earlier this week we released an article that used some hints from a recent trailer to summarize that Bungie will be bringing the raids back with their upcoming update, ‘Age of Triumph’, and we were correct.

Today Bungie revealed more informaton during today’s livestreaming, revealing the new record book for the DLC and all of its 13 pages.

Within that are the rewards that player will be able to grab for doing certain activities from playing a competitive multiplayer match in the crucible to collecting cosmetic items to pledging to the game’s factions, and even playing the raids, including the old ones.

A lot of people might not have completed Destiny’s previously released raids, particularly the first one, Vault of Glass.

But with this new update, Bungie wants to give players the opportunity to check out some of that old but fantastic content.

To do that, Bungie will be bringing up all of the raids to the game’s current light level with a range of challenges that players can partake in.

If you complete all of the records in the Record Book then you will have the opportunity to buy a personalised T-shirt as a reward.

You can re-watch Bungie’s livestream from earlier below.

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