The other day we mentioned that Bungie will soon reveal more information about a future update that’s coming to Destiny, which they have named Age of Triumph.

The reveal happened today with Bungie teasing that they will be reintroducing older raids back into the game with the Age of Triumph update, which is a feature that has long been requested by Destiny players.

This teaser trailer also mentioned that Age of Triumph will have the biggest record book yet, suggesting that there will be a number of activities to try out in the game, the names of some of that is combined with a number of gameplay sequences to hint at the refresh of the raids.

How those raids will work, we don’t yet know.

Bungie will be revealing more on their  Twitch channel over the next week, with the first live stream kicking off on Wednesday when lead designer Ryan Paradis and senior designer Joe Blackburn will discuss the update.

They will also talk about the changes to sandbox and the changes to weapons and classes.

Check out the teaser trailer below for a quick look.


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