Game Informer posted an exclusive interview the week with Ryan Paradis, the live events lead designer at Bungie, revealing a ton of new information about Destiny’s upcoming Spring update.

According to the site, the update will come with a range of changes, including boosting the light level cap to 335, changing some elements of King’s Fall and even updating Prison of Elders.

Here’s how Paradis explained it:

Our goal with the April update was to hit a few different fronts. We have a lot of fans who fell in love with exploration on the Dreadnaught, with our Strikes, and with the Prison of Elders, but they’ve moved past them. We wanted to revitalize some of these favorites, and at the same time provide new challenges and rewards. As the Live team has done in the past, we wanted to provide awesome new vanity items for players to both express themselves better, and to look like the badasses they truly are.

Another thing that was really important for us to accomplish with this update was to provide players more choices in how to become more powerful. The raid is a great endgame option, because it’s challenging, requires tons of coordination, and features our most complex mechanics, but for players who aren’t routinely raiding, we wanted to provide viable endgame gear upgrade options in Prison of Elders, Strikes, the Court of Oryx, and Crucible activities.

Further on in the interview, he revealed that the focus of the update will be on the Reef, bringing with it a new story of its devastation after the Taken King storyline.

It will still include Taken, despite Oryx’s death, and Variks wants you to stop them from resurging.

There will be new grimoire cards to collect, new gear, new strikes, story missions and Prison of Elders content to roam through in the update. But this new gear will come with more challenge, with King’s Fall receiving new difficulty levels, and more drops from the Court of Oryx.

But that’s about all that the developer revealed during the interview, but Bungie did add to it with their own post on their blog, which you can find here.

Is this enough for you to return to Destiny?

Source: Eurogamer

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