If you are a fan of the Deus Ex series then you might be happy to know that a mobile gaming application is launching soon. Called Deus Ex Go, it was announced by Square Enix Montreal today and will be made available on August 18th, 2016.

It will launch for both iOS and Android, and will allow players to take the role of Adam Jensen on the touchscreen.

Give the announcement video below a quick look to take a sneak peek at the game.

The player touches the screen to move Adam Jensen, a protagonist from the stealth combat, cyber-dystopian Deus Ex series, between nodes on a hexagonal grid towards an exit. If moved to a specific node, the character will stealthily take down guards, hack computers, and activate his human augmentations, such as invisibility.

Enemies who spot the player’s character will move towards and, if they reach his node, eliminate him. The player-character can eliminate enemies if approached from behind or their side. Mechanical enemies and obstacles, such as gun turrets and raisable platforms, are hackable via computer terminals on nearby nodes. The player drags her finger on the touchscreen to connect the terminal’s node and the hackable device. The character can store an invisibility power-up. When activated, it lasts two turns.

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