So far the iPhone 5 is just a rumor, with no official announcement just yet, but that hasn’t stopped the German carrier Deutsche Telekom from offering pre-orders, who have made it available from today for existing subscribers to start reserving their iPhone 5.

One you have reserved your device you will then receive a coupon which will then apparently guarantee you an iPhone 5 after it’s release, which seems a bit weird to me, and if Apple doesn’t release an iPhone 5 this year there could be a lot of unhappy customers wanting their brand new Apple product.

According to rumors the new iPhone 5 won’t be released until October with an expected announcement sometime this week, which makes this seem a good move on the German carriers behalf as it means they can gain all customers earlier allowing them to step up from their competition, but this could go horribly wrong as it wasn’t to long ago we thought the next iPhone would be in 2012.

What do you think about this? A smart move? Or way too early?

Drop us a line or two in the comments below.


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