You may remember the Pulse news reader from some time ago, it was an app that many people classed as their favourite app, then Linkedin took over the app and it died.

A couple of developers decided that he would recreate the option to bring a great news reader to the app store. Called Gulp, it follows a similar design to that of the original Pulse UI, allowing you to read news from a number of sources from a single app.

It works by allowing you to set a number of news categories, from which you can browse content from a range of sources in a simple grid UI that splits the sources from that category into columns, simply scroll down to find the source, then swipe left or right to browse that source’s content.

Tapping on a story will bring up a reader which grabs it’s content from the source’s RSS feed.

All of this will also come without ads, which may interest a few people, however, because it does take data from RSS, you might find that some publishers will publish summaries of their content, rather than the full content, so you might still have to go to the website to read the full thing.

If you are interested in the Gulp news reader then head over to the source link below, where you can download the app for free.

Source: Gulp news reader

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