Yesterday, ASUS teased a shiny new device on their Google+ page, asking their followers to guess what it might be, to which a lot of people thought it might be a new laptop, Google TV device or even a steambox (not so sure about that one).

But it was none of the above.

Yup after all that anticipation yesterday, the device ASUS were actually teasing on their Google+ page was a new DVD writer. Does anyone else feel a little rick rolled?

At least it’s quite a clever DVD writer, at just 13.6mm thick the device can be used in both a horizontal or vertical position, and includes secure Disc Encryption II technology.

ASUS have noted some of your suggestions however, adding the following to their reveal post, “Thanks for your creative answers earlier. We noted your high expectations from ASUS as a brand and your thirst for other innovations from us. However, we have no plans to manufacture refrigerators, toasters or vacuum robots. For the other options: who knows, sometimes dreams come true.”

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