The camera on the iPhone and iPod Touch is by far one of it’s best features, making it great for taking pictures when your out and about, there is one problem however.

What happens when you want to take a group shot, or one with you just you in? You have to use that dreadful front facing camera, trying to figure out where the button is to take your shot.

Dexim’s ClikStik stand and Bluetooth controller  is one accessory that can help you with that whole process, with the ClikStik you can control your camera from up to 30 feet away, with or without using the front facing camera or even a camera man behind it.

One of the great things about the ClikStik is that it’s fully adjustable, which includes both the legs and the arm that holds your device in place, allowing you to use this feature in pretty much any location, you can even strap the ClikStik to any pole or tree trunk, allowing you to take a fantastic shot without the phone being on a surface, sort of like the GorillaPod.

As you can probably guess, the adjustable stand also means you can use this stand with any case you may own, so if you have a thicker case such as Griffin’s Survivor case, you can simply adjust the arm that holds the device and place it in.

To use the Bluetooth Remote that is included with the stand, you simply pair it with your device, and then download the free ClikStik application from the iTunes App Store and you’re ready.

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Within the app you can do normal things like taking a picture, alongside adding filters, frames, text, stamps or even a written message to your photos, and then simply share them via Facebook, SMS, Twitter or E-Mail right from the app itself.

Overall I really liked the Dexim ClikStik Bluetooth Remote & Camera Stand, as I thought it answered a problem we have all had at some point, reducing the need to grow that extra hand you have always been wishing for.

I would have however liked to see longer legs on the stand and possibly a longer arm for the phone to sit on, which would allow for some of those shots which is currently impossible when using stand.

You can pick up the Dexim ClikStik Bluetooth Remote and Camera Stand from various places including MobileFun for around £34.99, whilst you’re at mobile fun make sure to check out some of their new iPhone 5 accessories new in store.

This product was sent to us by MobileFun, but is completely my own thoughts, and not those of the manufacturer or MobileFun themselves.

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