DHL has today announced that they will be the first company to offer drone delivery in Europe from this Friday.

The service will kick off in Germany at first, and will be used to make deliveries to people who live on the Island Juist, meaning that around 1,700 people will have access to the service.

The quadcropter that will be used for this service can fly up to 40 miles per hour, weighing 5kg it can carry loads of up to 1.2kg, making it perfect for the delivery of urgently needed supplies or medication. The whole system is automated, but will be monitored from the ground during its trip which should take between 15 minutes and half and hour.

This flight path has also already been cleared by the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in order to make sure the drone does not fly over houses, or into anything else.

Flights will begin on Friday and will continue until the end of October as part of the initial trail.

Soon DHL will be joined by the likes of Amazon and Google, both of whom are also working on a drone delivery service, and Amazon in particular is testing its Prime Air Drones in india.

Via: Reuters

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