When we first heard about Dice+ during Gamescom we found ourselves quite impressed, its a simple idea that brings the board game to the 21st century using a simple Bluetooth-enabled six-sided dice.

To work it you simply connect it up to your iOS or Android device, load up a compatible game and the Dice will work its magic, simply roll it as you would any other dice and it will then transfer the landed number to the game.

Launching from today, Dice+ is now available for  £29.99 from dicepl.us, with an extra £5 charge for shipping to the UK, which is actually pretty decent.

Alongside it, the Dice+ will be launching with a variant of games to download including, Blackgammon, Pirates:Caribbean Sea, Rumble Stumble, Rainbow Jack, Ludo and a few others.

Hopefully in the near future, this will also be expanded to bigger games like Monopoly or Cluedo.

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