The social sharing site that changed it all, Digg is being redesigned after it’s sale for $500,000. The people who purchased the site announced that the new site will be ready within six weeks and will feature “the best of what the Internet is talking about right now.”

And it looks like they are way on their way after releasing the image you can see above, which was shared by the RethinkDigg blog, from the looks of it the site have become a lot simpler with the introduction of neater lines and bigger images, Digg look great, best of all though is that the site is now completely ad free.

Digg explains it this way, “We are doing away with “Newsroom,” we are killing the “Newsbar” (aka “Diggbar”), and we are reverting “Newswire” back to its original name, Upcoming,” RethinkDigg wrote on its website. “Digg v1 pivots around three views: Top Stories, Popular and Upcoming.”

The weirdest thing is that once the site launches there will be non commenting system, which Digg has now allowed to take place elsewhere, kinda weird and sounds like they will be launching its own commenting platform, “In the coming weeks we will conduct a few experiments in commenting that will inform more permanent features,” Look out Disqus.

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