You may remember that we revealed only yesterday that Digg was working on a new site redesign, which they announced that they will be focusing on simplicity with a new redesign, one of those ways of making it simpler is to remove all ads from the site, along with the Newsroom and Newsbar alongside changing Newswire back to the original name, Upcoming.

Well that’s already finished and the $500,000 design is ready for you to view today and brings the following features.

  • Introduce network-based personalization features (like we do in to make Digg a more relevant and social experience
  • Experiment with new commenting features
  • Continue to iterate Digg for mobile web
  • Move the website forward with features like the Reading List, different views into the top stories on Digg, and more data to help users better understand why a particular story is trending
  • Launch an API so that members of the development community can build all the products that we haven’t even thought of yet
Check it out for yourself at http:///
[via Digg]
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