Disney has this week launched a new family streaming service for those who love Disney’s films. Called DisneyLife it allows subscribers to access the largest library of Disney content that the company has made available in one place.

Aimed for use on both Android and iOS, DisneyLife is available on both applicable app stores, and if you have a Chromecast, or a device that works with Apple AirPlay you can then stream content to your TV from the app.

And it’s not just video content that you will be able to access, there’s also a range of music from all the movies included, as well as songs from Disney’s supported artists like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.

And to top that off you will also  be able to download a range of Disney books from the app, as well as other content to watch on the go.


At the moment the service is only available in the UK, and it won’t be accessible abroad, but if you do live in the UK you can sign up now for a free one month trial.

After that it costs £9.99 a month, but in the form of a family account as standard, meaning that you can access the service simultaneously from up to six profiles, all under one subscription.

Parents will also be able to set separate parental controls for each of those profiles, and view their viewing/ habits from the app.

You can find out more about the app, and get the download links at the source link below.

Source: DisneyLife

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