In some shooting environments you might want to control and monitor your camera remotely, for instance if you are shooting a long-distance shoot or just taking a selfie, however the problem with that is you can’t see yourself or the shot that you are taking, and that’s where a Camera Controller comes in, allowing you to monitor and control your camera remotely, there’s no need for one of those plastic button things, and you can see the shot your taking from far away.

The problem with that is, a Camera Controller can usually cost anywhere between a few hundred pounds and a few thousand, meaning there’s no really option for the middle man.

Thankfully now there is, pointed out by DSLR Film Noob, users can easily create their own DIY Camera Controller for their DSLR from a $30 router and a tablet.

The Film Noob states that this can be done with the TP-Link TL-MR3040 wireless router, some customer camera control firmware (can be download below), a phone or tablet and a DSLR.

Check out the video for a quick look below, there’s also a couple of links which will take you to some instructions on how to do it for yourself.

Source: Lifehacker : DSLR Film Noob

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