As has been rumoured for some time now, DJI revealed their latest drone today.

Called the DJI Spark, it is a new mini drone that has been designed to provide aerial footage from a drone that is portable and very lightweight.

It’s just about half the size of the Mavic Pro and weighs in at less than a pound, just 0.6 pounds.

Despite that size and weight, there’s a lot of tech in this tiny drone.

This includes DJI’s intelligent flight controls, ActiveTrack and TapFly, along with gesture controls that allow you to manoeuvre the drone in any direction with gestures.

You can also control it with a smartphone from up to 109 yards away.

It can only shoot at 1080p and it only has a 2-axis gimbal, so the movement will only be up/ down, not left/ right. It does shoot 12-megapixel still photos and comes with a new feature called QuickShot that allows you to shoot one minute of footage and edit it down to a 10-second video, as well as a number of onboard sensors that allow it to dodge obstacles and fly safe at up to 31 miles per hours.

It also only lasts 16 minutes on a single charge. But it can be recharged with a Micro USB cable.

They even managed to shirk the price at just $499 in the US or £519 in the UK (we have no idea why that’s more either).

It will be available Alpine White, Sky Blue, Meadow Green, Lava Red, and Sunrise Yellow from June 15th, but you can pre-order it today via the source link below.

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