Recently DJI unveiled their new Mavic Pro drone, we have heard a lot about this drone over time, with rumours circulating our inboxes over the past few months.

Today, the rumours are finally over as DJI has unveiled the Mavic Pro, and yes, like the rumours it is a foldable drone.

This foldable design allows the user to collapse the drone down to a compact size for portability, which is done by tucking the four rotor blades into the body.

DJI says that once it has been folded, it will be small enough to fit in a bag or backpack (they did not give a size of such a backpack), but is also pretty fast to unfold, with DJI stating that the drone would take less than a minute to set-up and get airborne.

On top of that, the drone can also be flown for up to 37 minutes, with the capability of flying at speeds up to 40mph, whilst recording footage as it goes.

That camera is the smallest ever three-axis gimbal from DJI, featuring a minimum focusing distance of 19-inches, and the capability of flipping 90 degrees for portrait format capture.

With this, it can shoot 4K footage at 30fps, 1080p footage at 96fps and 12-megapixel stills that can be outputting in a RAW format.

DJI says that it can remain stable in winds of up to 24mph, with an integrated geofencing system that can identify restricted areas and stop you flying into those areas. It will also be capable of automatically returning to the launch location if it loses contact with the controller or runs on power, it does this by recording the take off with two cameras, and then looks back on to it along with its GPS data to land within an inch from where it left.

The DJI Mavic Pro is expected to start shipping in the middle of October for €1,199.

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