You have probably heard about DJI because of their drones, however, that isn’t all that they make.

Today they announced an update to their Osmo digital camera system for smartphones, which was originally released almost a year ago, but has today been updated with an optical zoom system.

Called the Osmo Plus, the new update adds a 7x zoom, along with a 3.5x optical and 2x digital zoom, but keeps much of the original design and still connects to your iPhone to be used as a main display, which is supported by DJI’s gimbal system.

DJI also say that the new focus system on the Osmo Plus is capable of capturing from 22mm to 77mm without dropping quality, but can only use optical zoom when you are filming in 1080p.

That said, the Osmo Plus is still capable of recording in 4K at 30fps, whilst be able to capture in 1080p at 100fps.

It can also shoot images and 12-megapixel with RAW output, with a connection to a companion app on smartphones to allow for management of the system, and to connect between the two for use as a viewfinder.

We don’t yet know UK pricing for the Osmo Plus, however, we do know that it is now available for purchase fo $649.

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