You are probably using a smartphone to read this information. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and it’s hard to imagine a life without them. Considering that the global use of these hand-held gadgets is increasing, cases of people losing their phones is on the rise.

You may leave it on a table in a restaurant or it may be snatched out of your hand in a street full of people. Either way, you will have lost a prized possession. In this century, losing a phone is a tragedy. All your personal information can be accessed by anyone who puts his or her hands on your phone, be it your pictures, social media accounts or contacts. Here are some of the methods to keep your phone safe.

Use of PIN Codes

Statistics show than more than half of mobile phone users in the United Kingdom have not set up password security codes. These codes may be entered upon turning the phone on or when woken form standby. When a phone is without these pin codes, it is easier for the thief to access your personal information, register for unwanted services or, make calls or even purchase items. Most phones offer a pattern-lock which is a shape that is dawn on the screen. The alternative is where one enters digits.

Entering common digits like ‘6745’ will not guarantee the safety of your phone. Users should choose a mix of characters, letters and digits like this ‘&k8975’. The disadvantage of this method is that when a good person stumbles upon your phone and wants to contact you, it will be difficult because of the password. It may take a while for you to get it back.

Fingerprint Scanners

Nowadays, many smartphones have fingerprint scanners in them. It scans many parts of your fingerprint such that you can gain access by gently pressing the thumb on the scanner. These fingerprint scanners provide a method more secure than just setting up a lock screen. This method can be one of the most vulnerable if we consider the advancements being made in technology.

People are coming up with ways of making artificial fingerprints. This means that this method will not be in use for long because the moment an individual has your fingerprints then accessing personal information on your smartphone is pretty easy.

Iris Scanners

This feature is one of the marvels of smartphone technology. It uses infrared optic system to scan the iris (coloured part of the eye) to unlock the phone. The advantage with iris scanners is they are fast and more secure. However, there are downsides as well. You should never use it as a sole authentication method. Once your phone data is compromised it can be difficult to get things back in place as you can’t replace your eye. Considering that the technology is still new, it may also be a target of many hackers.

Find my iPhone App

This is an application that helps users remotely locate their Apple devices once they are lost. The app is efficient in that it can track the phone from anywhere as long as the phone is connected to the Internet. It also has a feature that helps you erase all your personal data from the phone to prevent thieves from stealing it. Many mobile insurance providers have this application on their list.

Other than covering your gadgets for water damage, accidental damage and mechanical breakdown, phone insurance companies cover the theft and loss of your phone wherever you are. They can also cover the additional costs made on your phone like payments or calls made at the time it was at the hands of the thief.

Protecting your smartphone should be a priority in this digital age. As gadgets get more expensive, having yours stolen could lead to a big hole in your pocket! So take the necessary measures and don’t get complacent.

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