Been waiting for some kind of official stand for your Nexus 7? Well you might not have to wait any longer as ASUS have just revealed on their Japanese site a new Docking Station that is due for release in Japan.

This accessory was already leaked back in July but its nice to see it in the wild.

The dock will basically allow you to simply wedge your Nexus into the slot and charge as well as sending audio to the speakers of your choice via the 3.5mm audio out port.

Were not sure if this will be hitting anywhere other than Japan, but currently the online store has the Docking Station for ¥3,580 shipping in December, so if it does hit the UK or U.S we can expect it to be priced around £40/ $40 and will most likely hit around the same time, but don’t take my word for any of that just assumptions.

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