A picture has today been leaked that claims to show an iPhone 6, iPad Mini 3 and an iPad Air 2 stacked on top of each other, all packing Apple’s new Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The reportedly leaked image comes from the Taiwanese website Apple Club, who didn’t state to much about where the image came from (in fact they didn’t really mention it), but the Touch ID sensors do like they might be real, but we can’t say anything for sure without better confirmation.

The images also claim to show an iPad Mini 3 and a iPad Air 2, which is something else we can’t yet confirm.

Despite that we would say that there are a few funny things about the image, in fact both of the iPads could simply be the current iPad with a sticker on, especially when you look closely at the sensor, which looks a little raised.

Alongside that, the iPhone 6 also looks a little rubberised, if you look at the iPad’s screen closely, it looks as though the display (which looks to be a piece of paper) is dropping down at the top right..

If we do get a confirmation we will let you know.

Via: MacRumors

Source: Apple Club TW

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