Alongside some of the other announcements that Sky made today (including the surprise of the Sky Soundbox speaker system), Sky announced some new news about further integrations for Sky Q.

Particularly the Dolby Atmos support that we heard about some time ago.

Today they revealed that this support will be coming to the Sky Q system within the next few weeks.

Today they revealed that Dolby Atmos surround sound will be available on all 124 Premier League matches for the upcoming series, which will also be shown in Ultra HD.

These matches will be shown on Friday, August 11th and so we can expect support to come before then, hence the next couple of weeks.

In the roadmap for Sky Q that Sky posted some time ago (pictured above) they also revealed plans for both Voice Control, which doesn’t have a date just yet. Sky also mentioned Autoplay on Credit, which also hasn’t had a date revealed for release yet and we don’t know exactly what it will do yet, the name suggests it will simply play the next episode in a series at the credits.

We do know that they will be adding the ability to record six shows at once while watching a seventh on the Silver 2TB box.

Of course, we will update you as we hear more about all of this.

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