We have been hearing about Sky’s plans for integrating Dolby Atmos into Sky Q for some time now, but finally, Sky has confirmed that the launch date for the audio standard will be tomorrow, Friday, August 11th.

It will be launched for the Sky Q 2TB box to start off with and will be ready to go for any Ultra HD compatible content.

To start off with, Sky will support Dolby Atmos with the 2017/18 Premier League season, which kicks off tomorrow on Sky Sport’s new Premier League channel.

Of course, you do need compatible Dolby Atmos equipment to watch it with the sound.

Sky also announced that they will be launching animated Ultra HD images for the Sy Q 2TB box that can be used for background art for Sky Q, with 12 moving scenes available to show visuals from around the world. All of the 20 Premier League stadiums will also be available as new backgrounds.

They will also be launching their Watch from Start feature with the Premier League, which allows you to watch the match from the beginning if you started after by hitting the red button.

It will also allow you to jump to key moments of the match.

After the first match, Dolby Atmos surround sound support will stick around for all of the 124 Premier League matches that are being shown on Sky Sports.

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