Domino’s Pizza has this week released a new update for its iOS app, bringing new functionality for Apple Watch users, allowing them to order a pizza with a single tap of their wrist.

You do this by connecting your iPhone to your Apple Watch, after which users simply program a ‘one-tap’ order process, adding their pizza preference and a choice of toppings.

Once done users of the app can then complete that order with a single tap of their Apple Watch.

Pairing the new easy order with the Apple watch – the ultimate convenience gadget – is a match made in heaven. The possibilities of smartwatch ordering mean our pizza fans will never be further than a wrist tap away from their emergency ‘pepperoni passion’ or ‘Texas BBQ’.

This comes after Domino’s launched a few other solutions for ordering pizza, including their recently launch Xbox application, alongside their button in a box, which allowed users to order their favourite with a single button press.

If you would like to use the new Apple Watch one-tap ordering then you can download the updated Domino’s Pizza app from the iTunes App Store.

You can do so and find out more at the source link below.

Source: iTunes App Store

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