So a lot of companies have been working on delivering goods with the use of drones.

Today Domino’s announced that they had teamed up with the drone manufacturer Flirtey, they are doing this to help them deliver fresh, hot pizzas via a set of autonomous drones.

These drones are the Flirtey DRU Drone, with Domino’s own GPS and online-ordering systems in built, a set of 3D-printed components, a carbon fiber build and aluminum.

They lower the pizzas with a tether system, and they come with a built-in feature that will force the drone to either land in a safe place or return home should the drone run out of battery, or lose its GPS signal.

They have already tested this kind of service, and they were successful in doing so in New Zealand earlier this week.

However, they are only doing so in select households in the area of New Zealand during the testing phase, however, the ultimate plan is to expand this further, obviously.

That said, this does mark the first time that pizzas have been delivered to a customer through the air.

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