There’s no doubt that self-driving tech will be in our future, the question is how far away this is.

Despite it probably being quite some time away, we have already seen a number of vehicles and robots, but today this has been expanded to pizza delivery robots.

Yup, Domino’s has today announced a new robot-vehicle that has been designed specifically for the use of pizza delivery, which was unveiled by Domino’s in Brisbane, Australia.

It has been named the Domino’s Robotic Unit, or the DRU for short and has been in development for the last eight months.

This is in partnership with the Austalian startup Marathon Robotics, who helped them build a delivery droid, which can be used to transport all the pizza, wedges and drinks that you want via cold and hot components, but also accept payments and even chat to the customer.

The robot costs $22,000, featuring four wheels and features GPS and lasers that it uses to move around, at which point it is capable of reaching speeds of up to 12 MPH. It also features a number of IP cameras to keep the system secure, and will simply roll along a pavement or bicycle path to reach your home.

Once it does reach your home, you simply need to enter the passcode that has been provided by staff when you made the order.

Domino’s  still has some work to do before it can get the robot on the streets, however according to Don Meij, head of Domino’s Australia, it is all genuine.

“It’s a genuinely autonomous robot today, but some of the technology on the AI side still has to lift.”

“He’s able to stop and sense and won’t hit things, but he needs to be more foolproof. For example, he’s not currently aware of how big he is on top which can be a problem when he spins.”

So although, it might be some time away, we may see the pizza delivery drones at some point in the future.

We’re not sure why DRU has to spin, but it’s an issue that clearly needs sorting out.

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