A lot of companies have been considering to use drones within some part of their business, from Google all the way up to Amazon. One particular business has today revealed that they have plans to take the first steps in reaching that goal.

That business is Domino’s, who revealed that they will be demoing drone delivery in New Zealand.

They ran their first test flight on the outskirts of Auckland on Thursday and completed it successfully, and they plan to provide more flights to customer’s homes later this year from selected New Zealand stores.

This is all thanks to their partnership with the Nevada-based drone delivery specialist Flirtey, however, you shouldn’t get too excited about it yet as it does still have to be green-lighted by the authorities.

Don Meij of Domino’s Pizza Australia explained more with the following:



“With the increased number of deliveries we make each year, we were faced with the challenge of ensuring our delivery times continue to decrease and that we strive to offer our customers new and progressive ways of ordering from us.”

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