A new stylus for tablets and smartphones has launched on Kickstarter today, called the DotPen, it has been created to allow users to easily take notes or make sketches more accurately.

To do this the DotPen is equipped with a 1.9mm Active-Quill tip that produces fluid pin-point writing accuracy. The pen is also powered by a single AAA battery that is said to last as long as 12 hours.

The DotPen also measures 143mm in size, and can work independently from any piece of special software or settings in the applications that the user wants to use.

The creators of the pen, Dot-Tec explained the pen with the following:

“Numerous stylus pens have been introduced to the market and have fallen short of user expectations. The traditional stylus has a mushy rubber nub that too easily pops off, functions inaccurately due to the tip size, and is simply not designed well enough to draw or write with.”

“DotPen works with virtually any device and has been tested with a wide range of tablets and smartphones. Powered by “MagicTouch” technology, DotPen does not rely on special pre-installed software or specific apps. With a touch of a button, DotPen instantly activates to work across any device using capacitive touch.”

You can check out the pen at their KickStarter page, where you can also pledge to make the pen a reality and pre-order one for yourself.

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