A controversial application has today been released onto Google Play, dubbed iTunes Radio Recorder it allows users to basically steal music that is being streamed from iTunes Radio on a Mac or an iOS device for free.

Created by DoubleTwist, the app uses AirPlay to do this, intercepting the music stream as its being played from your Mac or iOS device, meaning that to make it work you will need both an Apple and an Android device.

To use the app a user simply selects “dT Recorder” from the list of AirPlay devices on their Apple device, and then hit record on the DoubleTwist app on their Android device, once it is finished it will then be accessible for free, however the app is also offering an optional in-app upgrade to get AAC VBR recordings for $4.99.

However I wouldn’t suggest that you upgrade the app, or even use it really, not just for the reason that it is definitely streaming, but it’s also likely that the app won’t be around for much longer.

Source: Google Play

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