Nuance has just updated their top rated speech recognition software for the PC, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 which includes over 200 new features and boasts a 20% improvement on out-of-the-box accuracy.

If you have used NaturallySpeaking before then you know it’s a great way about interacting and controlling your PC via your own voice, and allows you to quickly create and editing documents, searching through email and surfing the web.

Alongside the speed improvements Nuance has also added enhanced support for Gmail and Hotmail alongside better support for the Dragon Remote Microphone application.

The enhanced web mail features now allow for full text control and commands within a range of web browsers, including Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox 12 and Google Chrome 16 or higher.

The new NaturallySpeaking 12 also supports a range of applications on your PC including, Word, OpenOffice Writer, Coral WordPerfect, or even edit and create spreadsheets in Excel or presentations in PowerPoint.

You can also manage your e-mails in Microsoft’s Outlook,search the web using the aforementioned browsers or even post new statuses to Facebook or Twitter.

The 12th edition of Dragon is also faster than ever, and has been built to work even better with multi-core processors, automatically selecting the BestMatch V speech model to deliver faster performance, and delivers easier correction and editing options.

A lot of you may also know how hard NaturallySpeaking can be to use, that’s why Nuance has upgraded their tutorial, to allow both new and experienced Dragon users to learn and practice dictation, correction and editing habits.

Within these improved tutorials, Dragon has also added an improved Tip of the Day window, which brings daily tips on how to use the software, there is also a new Sidebar which is automatically placed on the right hand side of your screen and allows you to see important voice commands and tips in one easy-to-see location.

Nuance has also added new support for wideband Bluetooth wireless headset microphones, which will automatically connect to the software once plugged in.

Dragon 12 also has new smart format rules, which will automatically adapt your text upon detecting your format corrections, abbreviations, numbers and more.

One of the biggest changes/ additions to the software is the improved support with Nuance’s  Dragon Remote Mic, which allows you to wirelessly communicate with the software via your iPhone, iPod Touch or even compatible Android device over the same Wi-Fi network.

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I liked how well Dragon has been updated, a lot more accurate from the previous version as you may know we review NaturallySpeaking 11.5.6 and we were very pleased with how the software work with dictation.

This segment of the review has actually seen dictated to the software and then copied in to see how well the software recognises my dictation.

I like how easy Dragon was to use you simply load the software in and you already know you, I’m not normally a person to use this kind of software so I was really clad to find how easy Dragon was to use.

As you can tell from reading the previous paragraphs the software is really accurate but there are some points when it’s gets words wrong, but this doesn’t happen very often.”  -Segment taken from Dragon dictation box.

I found it really easy to dictate to the software and allow it to write out my documents without me even looking, and with the microphone application, this is even easier.

I also tried out how the software worked with other applications on the websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Gmail which I found worked well with the software, and was tremendously surprised at how well it worked with Gmail.

You do still need to train the software for it to work, which can take some time, but if it is not done properly you end up with much less accuracy then if you had done it.

The new Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 software is defiantly worth the upgrade from 11.5, simply for its improved accuracy and should be one piece of software on your back to school list if you haven’t already got it, as it really is useful software to own.

You can pick up the Premium version of this software for about £120 around the web, or $199 on Nuance’s website.

If you want to learn more about some of the other features within Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12, check out our review of 11.5.

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