Speech recognition is a tool that’s quickly expanding, however in most cases this is still yet to be done properly, with even the high players like Google and Apple still struggling to create a perfect service.

And in my opinion, one of the few companies currently doing this right is Naunce, dedicated to creating the best voice recognition software available in the world, they have already created one of the best speech recognition platforms available in the world with Dragon Naturally Speaking.

However that doesn’t seem to be enough as they are now expanding this knowledge into a series of applications, that have been designed for various new purposes, bringing this knowledge to various other platforms.

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One of these applications, designed for Windows 8 is a new note-taking application called Dragon Notes, using the same voice recognition software and techniques as Naunce’s other applications, it aims to make note-taking both easy and keyboard free.

Dragon Notes software review (2 of 5)

With a simple to use interface, Dragon Notes can be used by more or less anyone with a computer, and it looks great too, with a minimalist design, all you’ll see upon opening the application is the Dragon Notes logo in the center of the screen, this can then be clicked to start or stop a recording of your note.

All you have to do then, is speak. The application will recognise what you say and transform it into a text document.

During our tests, we found that this application was probably the most accurate speech recognition software we have and will probably ever use, with it recognising our speech accurately more or less all the time, however if it does get something wrong, which it can do with certain ‘special’ words, you simply type in your adjustments by hand.

Notes can then be shared on social networking services like Facebook and Twitter as well as by email.

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Out of the box, Dragon Notes only supports popular European and Asian languages, but these can be upgraded to various other packs with the addition of an additional language pack, costing $10 per pack, these allow Dragon Notes to work for almost anyone, anywhere.

However there are some drawbacks to the app, for starters, voice recordings are limited to 30 seconds a piece, so you won’t be able to write out anything to long with it, and secondly it doesn’t come cheap, at $20, it does more or less the same thing as the mobile application, but at a higher price.

Dragon Notes software review (5 of 5)

Due to that, I  couldn’t really recommend that you buy the app, and I can’t really see why Naunce didn’t just implement this within their Dragon NaturallySpeaking application, costing from £79.99 its not much more for the additional features, making it a much better option for those looking for something that packs a ton of features.

However if you are using a Windows RT tablet, this may be the only option for you, so in that sense, there’s really no other option.

If you want to find out more about Dragon Notes, you can do here.

Disclosure: Naunce sent us a review code for this product.

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