One of the games I have been looking forward to recently has to be Dragons Dogma, so naturally when I heard there was a demo available for download I had to give it try.

When you first run the demo you notice it is split into two parts, the first is a prologue which automatically sends you out as the default character, after which there is another mission where you can use a customised character and main pawn.

Although we did not go into much depth with character customization in the video there is a lot of things you can do to the make your character with any style you like including options to change facial features, beards, tattoo’s, scars, makeup, height, voice, width, weight, posture, stance and you can even change the limb height so pretty extensive.

After we went through all that we got into some actual gameplay, which although extremely short is still very enjoyable. In the first mission, you start outside of the dragon’s lair, in which you have come to destroy. The first thing I noticed when playing through this is that there is no clear path on where you should go, with the UI feeling very different to other games of this genre.

But I did manage to get the hand of it slightly still don’t quite get all the controls but I could play it, when traveling through missions the only beasts you really get to fight is a few goblins and a couple of bosses which we will get later,  The combat also seemed quite daunting to me with no real feel for the controls I found myself pressing the wrong buttons constantly which I think is down to a poor layout of the controls, nothing a little customization wouldn’t tackle.

One thing that really annoyed me with the demo was most defiantly the camera controls which you have to continually turn around to see what you’re attacking, that is if your kills don’t get taken from the other pawns, another thing with the pawns is how much they talk which I thought could have been majorly reduced with a lot less dialogue.

Apart from that, I did find the combat to be extremely engaging, giving you the feel of how heavy the blade was with some epic graphics, and quite a bit of bloodshed.

After you get through the horde of goblins awaiting you in the first mission you will meet the boss which is a weird combination of two creatures which does take a little time to kill but after which you have completed the first part of the demo and can head on over to the next, which gives you a view on other parts of the gameplay, in the second part you play as an archer attacking a Griffin which you have been spawned right in front of.

This mission requires some pretty decent tactics to overcome the beast and a lot of listening to your pawns who are forever shouting tips at you, again however this boss took around 5-6 minutes to beat so didn’t drag the demo out as far as I would have liked.

One thing that would have made this demo a lot better would have been a bit more gameplay, the sheer lack of gameplay makes me wonder how much is actually included in the game or if the content in the game is actually worth playing, in terms of a score I would give this game an overall 6/10, I thought the graphics were brilliant but really think the lack of decent controls and gameplay let it down overall.

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