The game director of the PlayStation exclusive racing game Driveclub has this week revealed that the game has now passed 2 million sales, a number which was achieved about 8 months after the game was originally sold, but does not include the amount of PlayStation Plus sales.

Driveclub was first launched for the PlayStation 4 in October 2014, shortly after which the game experienced a number of issues that meant the game see a few delays during its development, and a mixed reception at its launch.

Driveclub allows players to create a club that consists of up to 6 players, all off whom will join together to complete a set of challenges in order to earn rewards within the game.

It also features dynamic weather effects such as rain and snow, and as a da-night cycle.

Players can choose to drive one of any of the 50 cars that are available in the base game, and even add to it with another 50 that are available for free or at a price from the PlayStation Store, all of which can be customised with paint, stickers and more.

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