Today a consortium of British motoring companies revealed their own plans to build a network of driverless cars in the UK, revealing that they plan to test driverless cars on roads across the UK, including some motorways from 2019.

These plans were unveiled by the Driven group, who plan to test their own fleet of autonomous vehicles between the tarmac of London and Oxford.

Founder Prof Paul Newman, of Oxford University, said the following about the news:

“We’re moving from the singleton autonomous vehicle to fleets of autonomous vehicles – and what’s interesting is what data the vehicles share with one another, when, and why.”

These driverless cars will be built to be extremely smart on these roads, with smart capabilities that will separate them from other cars.

They will be capable of communicating with each other to notify others about any hazards on the roads and they will be capable of operating with almost full autonomy.

That said, they will require a human on board. An insurance company has also been enlisted to assess the risks involved at each stage of the trial.

This will be the first time that driverless cars have been on public roads in the UK, they have been tested in the UK previously, however, only at slow speeds and not on any public roads.

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