Dropbox looks to be taking on Google Docs with what looks to be a beta for a new note taking application.

Called Dropbox Notes, the company hasn’t released anything official about the application, but they have quietly launched a  sign-up page that allows users to get an alert when an early version launches.

They also didn’t reveal what the application will do, however under the sign-up form there is an image that doesn’t look to dissimilar from the Google Docs collaborative writing.

This could also be related to the acquisition of Hackpad, which Dropbox acquired a year ago, and there’s even rumours of the Project Composer idea that we heard about some time ago.

Given that the sign-up page also asks user’s for their company name, it is likely that Dropbox Notes will be aimed towards businesses.

We cannot tell you much more than that for now however, but if Dropbox does reveal more we will update you.

But in the meantime you can have a look at the sign-up page and even enter your details at the source link below.

Source: Dropbox Notes

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