Some time ago Dropbox released their Paper application in a beta developer stage, today that app is finally available to use and download in its final form, providing users with a new way to take notes.

The app is a new way for teams to collaborate with documents between each other, providing a place where you can communicate with team members over chat and share images, text, and documents between them.

The video below shows a quick preview.

Dropbox also explained more about the Paper app with the following:

Teams find flow together in Paper, where everyone can contribute to growing better ideas in a beautiful, flexible workspace. Collaborative by default – Comments feel like conversations, and attributions help people keep track of who contributed the perfect line, moodboard, or code snippet.

A flexible workspace – However you think—in words, code, pictures or motion—Paper brings it all together in one place.

The source link below will provide you with more information about the app.

Source: Dropbox

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