Duracell has today announced a new modular wireless charging case that will bring wireless charging support to the iPhone 5, available in both just the Access case for $49.99, that simply connects to the charging surface that you may already own.

If you don’t already own one however, the Duracell Powermat is also available with the both the Access case and the SnapBattery in a bundle for $99.99

The SnapBattery, priced at $49.99, adds a 1950mAh external battery, doubling the life of your battery, it clips to the back of the access case, allowing you the integrate the wireless charging.

Last in the new list is something called the TravelMat, it is basically a wireless charging base that includes a 4200mAh battery, to charge your device when both plugged in and on the go, available for £129.99.

Designed by Yves Behar, who also worked on various products from Jawbone as well as designing the XO computer for the OLPC foundation.

All of the aforementioned products will be available in the US from June 21st, however there’s no news on a launch in other territories yet.

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