Dyson has today announced the launch of a brand-new robot vacuum cleaner in the UK.

Called the Dyson 360 Eye, it is now available for purchase in the UK for £799 and provides a range of great features to make it a great option if you are looking for a new robot vacuum cleaner.

Dyson says that they have been developing the Dyson 360 Eye over the last three years.

They designed it to constantly observe and interpret its surroundings using Dyson’s new 360-degree vision system.

Dyson explained more about it with the following:

Dyson cyclones capture dirt and microscopic dust. For Dyson 360 Eye robot, Dyson engineers designed our smallest Radial Root Cyclone technology yet. It generates high centrifugal forces to capture particles as small as pollen and mould. To create powerful suction you need a powerful motor. But powerful motors are big and heavy so Dyson engineers designed the Dyson Digital Motor V2.

It’s light and small, yet extremely powerful – using digital pulse technology to enable it to spin at up to 78,000 rpm. It generates the highest suction of any robot vacuum. The only robot vacuum with continuous tank tracks.
Others use wheels with poor traction – they can get stuck or shift off course. Dyson 360 Eye robot is the only robot vacuum with continuous tank tracks, engineered for accurate manoeuvring over all floors.

Unlike most robot vacuums, Dyson 360 Eye robot provides suction across the full width of the machine. And instead of flimsy bristles and side sweepers, it has Dyson’s most advanced cleaner head technology: two types of bristles for hard floors and carpet.

You can also watch the announcement of the new robot video cleaner below.


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