A new lamp has today unveiled a new LED desk light that is said to be capable of providing light for a massive 37 years. Now available for purchase for $649 or £399 directly from the Dyson website, the lamp can be moved in any direction and features a touch sensitive brightness control.

It’s the 3 Axis Glide motion technology that allows the lamp to be moved in any direction, which has been combined with new LED heat pipe technology that cools the lighting and helps it to sustain its brightness for 37 years according to Dyson.

“While conventional lights rely on tension to stay in position, CSYS™ task lights use gravity. The arm moves vertically using a counterweight pulley system inspired by the construction crane. It also extends 10.8 in horizontally along anti-friction bearings. The zinc alloy base rotates smoothly through 360° and is weighted to increase stability.”

You can find out more about the new Dyson LED light at the Dyson website for more details and to purchase the lamp itself. It is available as either a desk or a floor lamp.

Source: Dyson

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