If you were looking at your computer on Valentine’s Day you may have noticed an amazing deal announced by EA allowing you to get a free copy of Battlefield 3 if you pre-order the game on the Origin service.

But after only two days of announcing the deal and confirming via a tweet that the deal would last till March 5th, they cancelled it. In my view, this is an extremely bad business by EA and is defiantly going to result in a lot of angry customers.

EA Origin cancels Mass Effect 3 preorder deal for Battelfield 3

If you check out the treat bellow in completely contradicts what they said in the above tweet, later on, stating that the deal would end on the 5th of March to later cancel it on the 16th of February.

Origin Confirms Mass Effect 3 Preorder Deal Battlefield 3 Free

But don’t worry if you were one of the lucky ones to pre-order during the two-day window as you will still be receiving your game code, but not until March 8th.


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