EA has today confirmed that the previously leaked SimCity Amusement Park DLC pack will launch on May 28th, available through Origin.

There’s no price yet, but within their blog post they did mention some new features that would be included within the pack.

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The pack will allow your city earn even more money by building and planing new parks for the park, some features within which can be customized, those include signs, main attractions, secondary attractions, concession stands, mini stations, park gates and benches.

Jason Halvorson, Gameplay Scripter at EA mentioned that, “When you build your first amusement park gates, you’ll notice that not all of the modules are available to you right away, worry not, they’ll become available as you increase your daily profit and upgrade your park to higher levels (just like Casinos).”

You will be able to download the new DLC from May 28th exclusively on Origin on both Mac and PC.

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