The SimCIty reboot has been something that I have been excited to play since it was first announced nearly a year ago, I have been counting down the days till I could get my hands on the game and give it go, I played both of the beta’s, and gave the game a pretty good review to start with, I liked a lot off the new features in the game and it seemed to work just how you expect it to.

However after the launch of the game in the US on the 6th March, I was to say the least, a little scared. I am someone who loves to play a game the moment it releases, so the idea of not being able to play on launch day is something that kinda annoys me, especially when it’s for a game I have been so anticipated for.

However EA promised that servers have been fixed for the UK launch and that their shouldn’t be any problems on launch day.

And boy were they wrong, me and thousands of others have found themselves waiting to access the game, shown messages forcing them to wait as long as 45 minutes to load up the game, I myself seen a message telling me to wait 38 minutes,figured I would and it still didn’t connect.

This has probably been one of the worst game launches I have ever seen, EA have turned a game that was supposed to be something great, into something s**t.

By adding DRM, forcing users to stay online whilst playing the game, they have killed it, and when the reviews start coming in for this game, I’m sure that they will soon find out just how much they fu**ed up.

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