The fine people down in Australia have been quite mislead lately, first with the whole 4G thing with the iPad 3 and now EA or trying to overcharge them for their Battlefield 3 Premium service. EA did this by listing the service’s price as $44.99 AU, but did not note the biggest point, being that this was just for the PC gamers, so when the Aussie gamers purchased their subscription on Xbox 360 they were charged $66 AU, or $79.95 AU if they owned a PlayStation 3.

Of course this has led to a certain uproar between the customers who purchased this without knowing its true cost, but that seemed to work as EA have now dropped the price to $44.99 AU on the Playstation 3 as advertised, and refunded customers who have already purchased a subscription $14.95, but are still yet to do anything for the Xbox 360 customers, which I find confusing.

What do you think about this? Drop us a comments letting us know below.

[via Destructiod]

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