After announcing that they will be getting rid of Online Passes for new titles, EA have today announced that they will be scrapping their online pass program for previously released titles too, regardless if the version is new or pre-owned.

Originally the Online Pass was created to allow new game buyers to access various features within a game, and allow EA to bring in more money, as the code can only be used once, pre-owned buyers would need to buy a pass from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

However EA did say the following about the Online Pass cut:

“This process will take several weeks.  For some games, the prompt to enter an Online Pass code will no longer appear; for others, you will still need to download and install an Online Pass, but they will be available free of charge from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace or PlayStation Store.”

Announcing the following games to be included in the online pass cut:

  • Alice: Madness Returns – America McGee’s Alice
  • Bad Company 2 VIP
  • Bulletstorm
  • Dragon Age: Origins – The Stone Prisoner
  • Dragon Age 2: The Black Emporium
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  • Mass Effect 2: Cerberus Network
  • Medal of Honor
  • Shift 2 Unleashed
  • Skate 3: Skate Share Pack

In their FAQ EA explains the move a little further:

“The latest releases of EA Sports games are the first, over the next several weeks, Online Pass will either be removed completely, or will be available for free in the PlayStation Store and Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

“We listened to the feedback from players, and decided to do away with Online Pass. We hope that eliminating Online Pass will allow more people to play and enjoy EA games for a long time to come.”

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