Some attendees back at Gamescom got to see some new footage for Fallout 4 behind closed doors, its something that is now common knowledge as many gaming websites have reported, that said the footage has not yet been released for the public officially.

It has however been leaked on a number of video platforms around the web, with various videos posted on YouTube, however as with other YouTube leaks, all the videos were quickly taken down.

But that didn’t stop the leaksters from getting the footage out there, going as far as to post the footage on more extreme services like Pronhub. Yup Pornhub.

Titled “HIDDEN CAMERA SHOWS AUDIENCE TEASED BY BIG BUTT MAN IN TIGHTS LIVE”, the footage already has over 15,000 comments and features a number of comedic references, with the tags ‘big-ass’, ‘POV’ and ‘homemade’ and a single comment from “dudelolwut” stating “Came all over my monitor.”

It’s all quite hilarious honestly.

We don’t know if Bethesda has plans to release the video officially, but if they do we will let you know.

You can check out the leaked footage on Pornhub at the source link below, don’t expect anything too special.

Source: Pornhub

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