Generally, the E3 event is something that only journalists can experience, a time when the world gathers in one place to discuss new games and gaming equipment however, this year EA is going to change that by opening things up to the public.

To do this the publisher will be allowing the public to access its game previews from E3 2016 at two separate events.

One even in LA from June 12th, to June 14th and another in London on the 12th.

During the event fans of EA will be able to get some hands-on time with the latest games from the publisher, as well as take part in a number of competitive eSports events that have been set up by EA’s new eSports division, but we don’t yet know what games will be included in the event.

Both of the events will take place before E3, but IGN have reported that EA will still be hosting its normal keynote event at E3 however, it won’t have a booth at the show.

EA’s event will be open to everyone, but spaces will be limited, you can sign up at the source link below.

Via: IGN

Source: EA

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