A user by the name of “superdae” is claiming to be auctioning of an Xbox Durango Alpha Development Kit, the item which was posted on August 12th and started from just $1.00, the price has now risen to $15,100.

The seller told The Tech Game, that the item’s finally bid will “go to charity. And by charity, I mean my new car.”

Obviously this is not what the console would look like, it is just a way for developers to creat content for the next-gen Xbox before it is released, also there is practically no guarantee this item is even real, and will likely be pulled by Microsoft or eBay real soon.

Check it out here, we must add however we (as with The Tech Game) are not responsible for any buying decisions that are made from this article, and will add, don’t trust everything you see on the internet.

[Update]The device surprisingly sold before Microsoft or eBay could take it down for a massive, $20,100.00. Guess the guy selling it will be buying a nice new car then.

Source: [The Tech Game]

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