eBay is testing a new app for iOS devices named eBay Now, the new service is available in the San Francisco City area and will grant users same day delivery for only $5 after they spend $25 or over from a local store.
The new service was quietly introduced earlier this morning, which was announced via email invitations to eBay users who reside in the city, that will also grant them a $15 discount on their first purchase using the service, as well as offering them free deliver for the first three orders.
The service will work by assigning users a “Shopping Assistant” who will facilitate the entire transaction, which will start by verifying the request via a phone call and finish by actually dropping the item of themselves.
In order to do this the service has partnered with a number of major retailers including Macy’s, Target, Best Buy, and Bloomingdales.
Currently the service is only available in the San Francisco City area, but there is a sign up form, which will notify you if the service reaches your area.

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