Earlier this week Ebay advised that all of its users should change their passwords after one of its database was hacked. Now authorities in Europe, the UK and the US are looking into this breach at Ebay, with the company confirming that the FBI where working with the company to determine the cause of the breach.

Alongside this the UK’s Information Commissioner has also confirmed that they will be working with regulators in Europe to investigate the cause of the data breach.

As of yet however there’s no details if Ebay will face any sort of action over this data breach, and there’s no details for the breach yet, but they have confirmed that the breach did take place between the end of February and the beginning of March.

It is no being asked whether Ebay knew about the breach back in March, and why it took them till the end of May to tell users to change their passwords.

Because of this delay it is likely that the company will face some type of charge from this breach.

We co advise that if you are registered with Ebay you should change all of you passwords.

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