Today Ecobee announced the launch of their latest smart thermostat, the Ecobee4.

The thing that makes this smart thermostat extremely interesting is that it comes with support for Amazon Alexa built right into the thermostat, using the built-in microphone of the thermostat to take advantage of Alexa.

To top that off, it will also feature a touchscreen and it will work alongside a companion application of smartphones, meaning that you can control it if you don’t want to talk to the thermostat, which can feel a little strange sometimes.

A lot of the time, people start off their new smart home with an Amazon Echo and a smart thermostat, with the Ecobee4, you can free up some space by getting all of that functionality in one device.

With Alexa, the Ecobee4 will work in a similar way to the Echo, with the ability to do anything from reading the news to control your other smart home devices. Oh and it supports Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT.

Sadly, we only know about the US pricing and availability for the Ecobee4 at the moment, which will be available to pre-order in the US on May 3rd, however, it won’t launch until May 15th.

It will be priced at $249 and will come with a wireless temperature sensor and will come with compatibility for 32 other sensors from Ecobee and others out of the box.

To go alongside this device, Ecobee announced a voice-enabled smart light switch that can tell when people are in the room and how much daylight there is in that room.

It uses this to make automatic light adjustments.

And Ecobee says that this is just the start.

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